Final Destination 5 (BLU RAY)
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Alternate Death Scenes, Visual Effects of Death, Circle of Death

Going on a company retreat, a group of coworkers are about to cross a bridge when Sam Lawton (played by Nicholas D’Agosto) has a premonition of the bus crashing. Getting his friends and his girl-friend off the bus so that they all live when they should have died has made it where Death is coming for them. Over passing days each of the friends start to die one by one in different manners as Death seeks out what was supposed to happen to begin with. Though the friends have been warned by Bludworth (played by Tony Todd) that there is a way that they can keep Death away it might be too late for them to stop it from happening anyways.

I watched the original Final Destination and liked it, it had this different story that took a group of kids that got off a plane before it crashed getting to live when they should have been dead. Then one by one they each get killed because it was supposed to be that they had died. Final Destination 5 takes that same plot, again, and gives yet another movie that takes a group of people that where meant to be killed, letting them live, and then killing them off one by one in different and gruesome ways. The first movie was really good, the second starting to go downhill, and now by movie number 5, it’s just old, tiresome, and though there are new, different death scenes being shown, it just don’t have any interest that the first movie held.

Over the past movies, this fifth one has one thing that the others didn’t, the best ending. I won’t say what the ending is because it was a complete surprise and twist that I had not seen or would have guessed to see coming. It’s such a surprise ending that it almost, almost, made up for the rest of the movie sucking. It don’t, but it came close to making up for all the weak acting, the fact that the movie is going for nothing else but shock factor leaving out a real story, and having gore to have gore.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a good scary movie, even ones that will give me a death or two that is unexpected, done in a new way, and can be gruesome but I want there to be a story behind it, something more than just oh Death is out to get you. I’ve seen it already, 4 times in fact, and though there are new ways these people are being killed, I just kept thinking why was this even made. Granted they try to spice it up by giving the characters a different way for them to survive Death for the second time, but after seeing this option taken by some of the characters and it not working, I just thought what was the point in having it in there then? In fact, there has always been a way for the character to cheat Death for a second time since the first movie, so again, nothing totally new, just a twist on the way it’s being done.

Well, having this movie on Blu Ray was something I could have passed on. Not because it looks bad, quite the opposite, it looks too good, which is not what I didn’t like, it’s that it’s so clear that the gruesome scenes are made even more gruesome. Watching a movie like this, in fact remember the first one, it wasn’t so bad to see all the blood and ways of death because the quality was just decent, but this Blu Ray makes everything stand out even more. The colors in this movie are really sharp and crisp, so when each one of the deaths that end in a unhappy manner ends up looking even worse. There’s a realistic look, a better than realistic look to this movie, which makes some of the scenes even more disturbing because of how clear, crisp, and sharp the quality is. Making the scenes get go me even more is how good the audio levels are that when they are being killed it’s like I’m right there with them. Not a great movie plot wise but for quality it’s got a nice sharp look and sound to it.

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