Fireman Sam: Heroic Rescue Adventures

Fireman Sam

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fireman Sam Heroic Rescue Adventures is a collection of six episodes from the kids show from across the pond. Featured are the episodes:

Towering Inferno

Seeing Red

Pontypandy Express

Elvis Sings The Blues

Fireworks For Mandy

Double Trouble

As usual Sam and the rest of his fireman friends spend their time either trying to relax or waiting on a call. Either way trouble seems to be a constant in the town of Pontypandy as the children of the town find themselves in all sorts of mischief, the adults to as well (just to be fair). 

In this collection Sam must save town delinquent Norman Stanley-Price more then once, and his twin cousin as well in one episode. There are daring mountain rescues, water rescues, air rescues and more. With most of the episodes mainly about children in some sort of trouble you can bet your little ones will have no problem associating with the displayed mistakes and behaviors and become enamored with the thrill of fireman work. It also has a lot of humor that adults can appreciate that won’t end up ruining the innocent factor for kids. 

The collection comes with no bonus features .

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