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Oct 14, 2011
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Craig Brewer's boots are seen dancing in the opening credits when the words "A Craig Brewer Film" appears.

The original Footloose gave us Kevin Bacon in his early days before his illustrious film career took off and even spawned a musical by the same name. While the film isn’t exactly the best in its genre, it has a solid following. Flash forward to the present day as we once again travel to the small town of Bomont, only this time it’s Georgia we’re going to for this remake of Footloose.

The story remains practically the same; Ren McCormack (Kenny Wormald) a rambunctious young city teenager moves to the small town of Bomont where hear finds out that the city has banned all forms of dancing. Ren rebels against the law and challenges the strict Reverend Shaw (Dennis Quaid) and seemingly the rest of the town to its ridiculous rules.

Footloose starts off on the right foot with an impressive and energetic dance routine at a party. One thing that’s always been impressive about the dance flick genre is its dance moves and the film absolutely delivers in that aspect. Both Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough are experienced dancers, with the latter being on Dancing with the Stars, and they manage to impresses with their smooth moves.

Unfortunately, it still isn’t enough to get past the fact that you’re watching a near carbon-copy remake of the original, cheesy scenes and all. 

The warehouse dance sequence, for instance, was hilariously bad back in the 80s, and it still seems awkward today. Racing school buses (updated from tractors) also doesn’t quite fit the tone of the movie either. While the original may have been able to get away with it back in the day, the remake fails to update for current audiences. It all seems like one big joke that’s only good for some fancy footwork.

Fans of the original will most likely still enjoy the film, as it’s pretty much the same through and through, but new audiences will find Footloose taking one too many missteps. Hopefully this isn’t a sign of things to come with the Dirty Dancing remake that is said to be in the works.

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