Give ‘Em Hell Malone

Give ‘Em Hell Malone

On DVD: 
Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Running Time: 
92 minutes
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Malone once a cop now a private investigator is surrounded by mystery. There are many stories out there at to what drove him from being a cop to the dark, hard to kill, hell bent man that he is today. But regardless the reasons he is the only man to take on this new job brought to him by a beautiful woman and tying to the mob. It will certainly test just how hard it is to kill Malone and may finally bring to light his history.

This movie made an attempt at being some type of noir; but missed the mark completely. Sure it is filled with all the cop type lingo, and even overuses the hell out of it, the main characters run around in trench coats & ties, and the cars are old; but everything else in the background they don’t even attempt to adjust. So you have all these 40’s-50’s items in the forefront and then in the background people wearing jeans or new coffee shops.

Everything feels forced and could almost make it as more of a parody if it didn’t take itself too seriously. There are just not enough jokes or gags and they don’t take it far enough over the top for this movie to be funny. There no depth to the story or the characters to care what is happening on the screen. And even the action was boring. I checked out long before the credits rolled and had to keep refocusing myself on what was happening. Not even worth picking up from the $5 bin.

Review by Pandora
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