Greyson Chance: Hold On 'til the Night

Hold On 'til the Night

(Greyson Chance)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Regardless on how you feel about pop ballads, Greyson Chance's new album has plenty to offer everyone.

14 year old Greyson Chance has had a pretty crazy past two years. Last year, Chance performed his rendition of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" on Ellen. From then on, he was recognized as the young boy with the voice of an angel. Becoming an overnight sensation is exactly what Chance needed to get to where he is now. Chance may have just released his debut album, Hold On 'til the Night, but the question remains the same: Does Chance have what it takes for original, lasting music?

Chances' voice is definitely better than any 14 year olds' should be. He also plays the piano for his tracks, but his voice is what will keep the fans coming for more. His smooth voice is fairly easy to remain comfortable with for 45 minutes. The album opens up with "Waiting Outside The Lines", which will speak to any fans of pop ballads. The opening track does a great job of showcasing both talents of Chance, with the talents being the piano and his voice. "Unfriend You", the second track on the album, is undoubtedly the best song he has offered. It's at least the most radio-friendly. The popular phrase coming from Facebook should speak loud and clear to his younger fans, while the actual message of leaving behind a friend can speak to audiences of all ages. 

The rest of Hold On 'til the Night plays out with no surprises. Just a strong male lead, an accompanying piano and some pretty catchy rhythms. Chance has pushed through the easy stereotype that, as a young male singer, he is another Justin Beiber-esque role model. With his music having a significant difference from "the beibs", Chance seems to have accomplished the hard part: Convincing the world that he isn't just another kid with a good voice. To be honest, he proved this when he originally appeared on Ellen, but releasing Hold On 'til the Night doesn't hurt those odds. 

Regardless on how you feel about pop ballads, Greyson Chance's new album has plenty to offer everyone. It's easy to judge a young singer off of his age and pitch of voice, but give Hold On 'til the Night a shot. It may just become your new favorite album. 

Ryan Sterritt
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