On DVD: 
Tuesday, September 7, 2010
Running Time: 
90 minutes

Ok, ok, I have to admit "Growth" is not the worst movie ever. In all fairness though, it did take two viewing sessions for me to be able to make it through the entire movie. It was a little slow (after the opening credits) to ramp up and some of the acting in the beginning is less than stellar.

In 1989, a group of scientists conducted a series of gentic experiments to produce the super human. Of course something had to go wrong causing an outbreak which lead to a sizable body count. Almost 20 years later, Jamie, one of the founder's children returns to the site with her sickly stepbrother and friends to sell her family's property. What she and the others don't know is that the creatures from the experiment survived all the years and have become something entirely different.

The parasites of today produce super-strong, super-fast, over-confident, and telepathic psychopaths who make their hosts submit to the creatures' every whim. And when they have their hold on you, you might as well give in.

There is plenty of gore for all you bloodhounds,  but the fight scenes are telegraphed, and the CGI looks as if the SyFy studios got a hold of the movie. A good score accompanies the film and creates the tension needed for director Gabirel Cowan's jumpy moments., He did a decent job with character set up making you think you know who the bad guys are.  Jamie's childhood flashback scenes help push the story along and give the film some heart, but was the last scene really necessary?

I would classify "Growth" as a rent or borrow-from-a-friend kind of movie. I wouldn't keep this one for posterity.


Review by Jennifer Isbell