Gulliver's Travels

Emily Blunt backed out of Iron Man 2 to do this movie.

Gulliver (Jack Black) has always been the one looking up at people. Working in the mail room at a news agency, he's rubbed elbows with many high and mighty journalists but never gathered up the courage to talk to them, especially his longtime crush, Darcy (Amanda Peet).

On one of his many attempts to ask her on a date, he chickens out and ends up telling her that he can write. After forging a sample article, he is sent to the Bermuda Triangle for a story. Little did he know that he would be transported to a world filled with tiny, little people who would teach him more about himself than he ever thought possible.

Gulliver's Travels is a re-imagining of the classic Jonathan Swift novel by the same name. After arriving in the miniscule city of Lilliput, Gulliver realizes that he can be whoever he wanted to these people. As a result, his gigantic stature rises in the ranks of the city's government where he soon becomes general of their army. Now an ex-general, Edward (Chris O'Dowd) will stop at nothing to regain his status and honor that Gulliver has taken away from him as he leads an army of his own against Lilliput. Now Gulliver, with the help of his new friend Horatio (Jason Segel) must defend the city and make everything right.

If you've seen a Jack Black movie before, then you've seen Gulliver's Travels. Black plays his stereotypical little kid in a grown man's body role where he always appears to be jumping around and goofing off. In School of Rock it was awesome. In Nacho Libre it was funny. In this it's just old and boring. His character is supposed to developed over the course of the film but I just don't see it.

Another problem with the film is Gulliver's relationship with his friend, Horatio. He's always telling him advice that he himself can't follow, especially when it comes to the ladies. In a way that makes some sense as it's it's easier to say something than actually do it.The transition between him barely being able to say hi to Darcy and him giving instructions on how to swoon a lady is so instantaneous though that it makes it seem a bit ridiculous.

That's pretty much how you can sum up the entire film; ridiculous. I loved the tilt shift video at the beginning but that was about as high my interest got throughout the film. The jokes fell flat and the character depth was about as tiny as their height. If you want to learn about Gulliver's Travels, read the book and skip the movie.

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