On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, January 4, 2011
Running Time: 
82 mins

Ugh…I remember a time when Val Kilmer was in good films. Now he’s starring opposite 50 Cent in a film called Gun? What the heck happened? Not just to Kilmer…but also to 50 Cent’s eyes? I could be wrong, but he looks like he’s wearing some slightly freaky contacts the entire movie. Sadly, the best part of Gun is the title sequence/credit montage that shows guns being “locked and loaded” (as the kids say), along with their safeties being turned off. Beyond that, there’s really not much to the story. For a movie that’s focused on gunrunning and gang conflict, there’s not much action. Danny Trejo pops up at some point in what amounts to a cameo. Oh and there’s a shoot-out scene in fairly close quarters where 50 is wielding a sniper rifle massive enough to make Mark Wahlberg’s character from Shooter incredibly jealous. We’re told that it can fire explosive rounds. Somehow it hits a police cruiser in the tire and nothing really happens…until he shoots a car itself and the whole thing goes up in flames.


This actually looks surprisingly decent on Blu-Ray. There’s a slight washed-out filter that’s used on most of the film that helps it to be a little bit more interesting visually. The sound levels seem a little off-kilter as the dialogue seems quite low vs. the shoot-outs and louder action sequences.


Nada, zip, zilch. No bonus features.

I can’t of any good reason to watch this. Seriously, the plot is so thin and the action so poorly scripted…and that’s not even touching on the acting. Go straight to prison, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

Jeremy Hunt
Review by Jeremy Hunt
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