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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

There are plenty of medical dramas out there right now, even though the big one (ER) just ended. In comes Hawthorne, a medical show with a slight twist in that you will rarely see the doctors saving lives. This one shows the hospital from another view point, the nurses. Usually you see them in the shadows of the doctors; taking orders and what not. Not in this universe. Here, they appear to be the ones in charge and the doctors are portrayed as somewhat lazy and incompetent.

Christina Hawthorne (Jada Pinkett Smith) is the Head Nurse and she runs the show. No one gets in her way and even though some don't like here, they definitely respect her. She is the female version of Dr. House, except without the whole mean spirit all the time look. She gets the job done. The hospital isn't her whole life though as she has a daughter as well as a deceased husband. Put all that together and she is one independent woman who not even the board wants to mess with.

You get a little taste of how the hospital is run during the premiere. You see the nurses in action while the doctors are blatantly absent for most of the show. When you do see them, it's usually a role reversal as the nurses appear to be running everything. Throw in some drama from the other characters along with some interesting patient cases and you have a winner here.
Hawthorne might not be able to replace the hole that ER left but it definitely leaves a mark. If every episode is as interesting as the first, you better believe that it’ll stay around for a long time to come. Definitely check it out when it premieres June 16 on TNT.
Matt Rodriguez
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