HeKz: Caerus


Release Date: 
Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Like everyone on this planet, I have preconceived notions about things and one such notion is that it's America that is the place to hear prog metal/rock music. As with most notions that are had before knowing all the facts, I was wrong in thinking that only the US has prog metal because there is a British prog rock that is making the scene as well. HeKz is a British prog rock group that has a new studio album out called Caerus where they are taking different styles of music, throwing them into a blender, and the outcome are songs that give you a distinctive sound that will shake up the usual sound of metal.
Even though I'm not quite sure how to pronounce the bands name, should I make a sound with my throat when saying it or am I supposed to say it as if it's similar to he-eeks? Well, I don't think that really matters much when it comes to me writing the review on what I thought about their sound, which is different. One thing that I liked a lot about this album is how the band pushes and test limits on what kinds of sounds and instruments are being played in the songs. There's no one set style or formula being used in these songs, which is good because there's no way that the songs are going to sound alike since they all go a different way in how they're being played.
This was an interesting album to listen to because of all the different sounds being used. There's the synths as well as the usual line up of guitar, drums, and keyboards but there's also sounds being used that I can't quite place what they are. These unknown sounds do add to the value of the song though so that's always good. Vocals are the only aspect of this album that I found not completely to my taste. I liked them, they are good, and they are strong but at times I thought the pitches and tempos could have been different. There are moments when the pitch was either too high or too low and some moments when the tempo is slow when it should have been quicker. It's not bad, it still fits the songs well, but for me it would have taken the songs from being good to being really good.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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