In Theatres: 
Mar 27, 2015
Running Time: 
94 minutes
The Boov, a cowardly alien race without a home planet, are on the run from their mortal enemies, The Gorg.  When the Boov stumble across Earth and decide it will be their new home, they begin the immediate relocation of all humanity. There are no questions asked and few considerations taken. Every human on earth is teleported to live in Australia while The Boov are left colonize the other six continents as they please. 
The beautifully animated, curly headed Gratuity “Tip” Tucci (voiced by Rihanna is the first black protagonist in a feature film by DreamWorks Animation [it only took twenty years]) and her cat, Pig, have managed to evade the invasion of the Boov.  They hide in her booby-trapped apartment while Tip tries to find a way to reunite with her mom (Jennifer Lopez) who has been relocated. When she runs into Oh (Jim Parsons), the misfit, overly friendly Boov that no other Boov wants to be around, the adventure begins. 
As Oh and Tip fly across the sky in her super slushy powered car, each learns lessons about friendship, being yourself, what family means, and facing your fears. Oh comes to realize that the Boov may have not done right by humans while Tip learns to trust Oh despite him being a Boov. Parson’s high, sing songy voice makes for a great loveable alien and Rihanna’s raspy tones lend great character to the determined Tip.
The friendship between Oh and Tip feels very genuine with peaks, valleys, sci-fi and cats. When the Gorg finally catch up to the Boov, the confrontation puts Oh’s and Tip’s relationship to the test. The emotional impact of which truly caught me off guard. Home falls just shy of being a classic, but don’t mistake this for a weak offering. Very entertaining, funny, and full of references to other alien invasion films, Home is a treat for kids that will also engage adults.
Maria Jackson
Review by Maria Jackson
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