Hullabaloo: Raise A Ruckus

Raise A Ruckus

Release Date: 
Wednesday, August 1, 2012
Guest Musicians On The Album:

Gunnar Biggs, Dennis Caplinger, Mark Dycaico, Buck Howdy, Tor Hyams, Molly Ledford, Marcy Marxer

Hullabaloo is yet another band that performs kids music and as usual I am pleasantly impressed. Taking note from the country rock notebook these music makers keep it very family friendly, almost all of their songs involve the family, but still get rambunctious enough to just have some fun and, pun intended, Raise A Ruckus.

Aside from the usual silliness of kids music there is a simplistic genius behind the lyrics on the album. The little things we grown folk tend to forget about end up being the coolest thing when you hear them. I mean, how many times a day have you even thought on the fact that the word sis spelled backwards still spells sis or that Mom turned upside down spells out Wow. All you need to do is hear this and then imagine yourself as your child hearing it for the first time and it makes you smile.

Like I said, there is a lot about family on the album from getting along to family vacations and the fights from here to there which end with forgiving your little brother or sis for say biting your toe. I really liked that aspect about the album and that all the songs maybe kind of silly but they never play down to kids. This is a rockin’ album that avoids the baby talk or silly voices and just lets kids have music of their very own (that parents can listen to without going crazy). I highly suggest checking it out for your little ones. Enjoy.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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