IMAX: Hubble

IMAX: Hubble

On DVD: 
Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Running Time: 
44 minutes
Voice of the Stars

The narration to this documentary is provided by Leonardo DiCaprio

IMAX: Hubble is the DVD release of Hubble 3D and while lacking the third dimension of its theatrical counterpart it remains a stunning look at the stars and how we view them.  At only 44 minutes, the film is a short ride through the history of the Hubble telescope, from its launch through the final shuttle mission to repair and augment its capabilities.

While the segments on the history of the Hubble were quite interesting, it is the parts that render the images taken by the Hubble itself that are truly staggering.  I can only image how my jaw would have dropped seeing this in 3D.  Even without, however, flying past stars and through nebulae is breathtaking.  My only complaint at all is that I just wish it was longer with more of the images that Hubble has taken over the years.

The DVD includes the movie with English, French and Spanish audio and subtitles.  There is also an 8 minute look behind the making of the film.  This was particularly interesting as it goes a little into how they put IMAX cameras on the shuttle and around the launch pad, and how they trained the crew to do the filming while in space.  It seems obvious now, but before watching I hadn’t considered that they couldn’t exactly fly a film crew up to do the work.

IMAX: Hubble is also available on Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D.


Review by Jason Pace
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