In Her Shoes

In Her Shoes

On DVD: 
Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Running Time: 
130 minutes

Maggie and Rose are sisters; but there is no way you would guess that by meeting them. Rose is down to earth, works hard, and is seen by many as plain; meanwhile Maggie is a fun loving party girl that can’t hold down a job and depends on her looks to get her things. And like most sisters they can be best friends one moment and enemies the next. After one huge fight though Rose kicks Maggie out of her life, leaving Maggie with no place to go, that is until she finds out about their lost grandmother. It takes awhile; but some how living with their Grandmother helps Maggie find her path in life. Rose manages to find many of the things that were missing in her life. But neither will be complete until they make up with each other.

The story was charming, emotional, and sweet; but not really anything new. Also if you haven’t seen this movie; but remember the trailers don’t let them fool you. The trailers made this out to be more of a comedy than it is; in truth it is more of a drama with a little bit of comedic relief thrown in. As far as acting goes Maggie is not a stretch for Cameron Diaz to play; it is her typical giggling, slightly ditsy, trying to look hot role. They also thrown into the background of the two girls tragic events that happened with their mom and while it does add some substance to the film; there are times it feels very misplaced.

The bonus features though stood out to me. There is a making of that takes an in-depth look at how certain scenes were filmed, why the paintings in the background were used, some interviews, and etc. It is interesting if you like information about directing. There other two features I thought were the best things on this DVD. One being “A Retirement Community for Acting Seniors”. The seniors used in the movie were taken from two retirement homes and were never actors, it has interviews with them and the majority of it is pretty funny. The other feature is a look at the casting of Honeybun the dog in the film. It shows how they actually adopted a dog from a pound and discusses how many animals need homes. Overall this movie is pretty much a chic flick and it would help if you have a sister that you love but don’t always get along with to fully enjoy it.

Review by Kathy Marsh