Inspector Bellamy

Inspector Bellamy

On DVD: 
Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Running Time: 
110 minutes

"Inspector Bellamy" is a quiet introspective look into the lives of Inspector Bellamy (DePardieu) and his wife, Francoise (Bunel), as they are on holiday in a small town in France.

As the couple is all set for a quiet month away from bustling Paris, a mysterious man continually lurks outside in the garden. Finally confronted by Francoise, he begs for an audience with the inspector and leaves only after he has dictated his cell phone number to her. Once the inspector makes the first phone call, he finds himself swept up in a case of murder, intrigue, double lives and a man who faked his own death.

Couple that with an impromptu visit from an untamed (and often drunk) brother with such deep-seeded issues, and the Bellamys may not get the rest that they seek.

"Inspector Bellamy" is the final film from the French master of suspense, Claude Chabrol and is not your typical whodunnit. Even in murder the French are polite and cultured and have more entertaining court room scenes than any Ally McBeal episode ever did. The film is in French, but is also subtitled and there are enough subtleties throughout that you can't really look away otherwise you'll miss an important plot point. There are twists and you aren't really sure what happened until the very end. Good stuff.

Gerard Depardieu plays just the right amount of playful husband to Francoise and the cunning nothing-gets-by-me Inspector, yet we know nothing about him until his brother's visit and that's when his personality starts to shift. Depardieu is wonderful in this role.

A "Making of" featurette and trailer is included with the DVD.

Review by Jennifer Isbell