Iron Man

Iron Man

In Theatres: 
May 02, 2008
Running Time: 
2 Hours, 6 Minutes

Right off the bat Iron Man is an explosive film with action and drama and humor that paves the way for the film. Director Jon Favreau has really outdone himself with this film which I am personally labeling the best Superhero Film Ever. There was just too much to love about the film, but don’t worry, I wont put it on a pedestal, it did have its quirks.

I know there are millions of Terence Howard fans but he really wasn’t the right guy for the job here. His voice was extremely whiney and he just didn’t fit the seasoned military man image. He was simply to soft spoken. Iron Man also fails by not removing itself from the traditional villain speech that occurs when our hero is in peril. Not all villains need to make a speech and not all heroes need all the time in the world to get their butts out of a jam.

Now for the good. The complete blending in of the suits and the special effects was like nothing I’ve ever seen. There was not one point in the film where my imagination was given a chop by the realism that something looked to fake. Robert Downey Jr. was absolutely incredible as usual and even though I haven’t been the biggest Gwyneth Paltrow fan I have to admit that she looked radiant (probably that motherly glow) and that her chemistry with Downey Jr. made her character instantly likeable.

Iron Man has set the standard that was formally owned by the revamped Batman franchise and if The Hulk or The Bat want to claim the title of best superhero movie of all time, then they had better deliver. I don’t know if they can. Iron Man is simply incredible. Go see it or you’ll end up being that guy/girl. Don’t be that person.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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