Jackie Chan Double Feature (Police Story/Police Story 2)

Jackie Chan Double Feature (Police Story/Police Story 2)

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Running Time: 
3 Hours, 42 Minutes
Bonus Features

Outtakes and Trailer


After the Royal Hong Kong Police Force's undercover sting to arrest criminal mastermind Chu Tao (played by Yuen Chor) is discovered, Chu Tao leads the officers on a wild chase through shanty town. Able to capture Chu Tao, Inspector Chan Ka-Kui, or Kevin (played by Jackie Chan) becomes the poster cop for the force. Becoming the golden boy of the police force put Ka-Kui, or Kevin, in a position where he has to guard Selina Fong (played by Brigitte Lin), as she agrees to testify against Chu Tao in court. At first Chan Ka-Kui, or Kevin, thinks this will be a easy gig but after a group of thugs come to kill him and Selina, Chan Ka-Kui, or Kevin, finds himself fighting for their lives.
Because of the way he handled the Chu Tao/Selina Fong case, Inspector Chan Ka-Kui, or Kevin, has been demoted to a traffic cop. When Chu Tao is released from prison because of his failing health, he tells Chan Ka-Kui, or Kevin, that he will make his life terrible until the moment he dies. When Chu Tao has his henchmen beat up Chan Ka-Kui, or Kevin, girlfriend and her mother, he snaps and beats them. Feeling ashamed of what he did, Chan Ka-Kui, or Kevin, quits the police force but is still forced to fight for his and his girlfriend’s life.

For any Jackie Chan movie the acting has to be scrutinized on a different level. For one reason it's Jackie Chan, a man he does acting in the normal fashion, but also uses his body jesters, facial expressions, and fighting as part of his acting performance. Watching his movies always amaze me at the ability this man has to do the stunts, and yes he does his own stunts, as well as being able to make those insanely funny faces. Then again, the movie is also a corny movie where the acting is way over done making it even funnier but that still don't make it have good acting. I've seen both movies many times over the years and I still can't decide on if they are trying to make the movie where it's serious with bad acting or the acting is purposely bad to make it seem like a movie that's done bad. Either way it's fun to watch.

Ok, so not that most original ideas when it comes to a movie. A cop that has to protect a witness while having all kinds of goons attack forcing him to break out the martial arts on them. Does it matter? No, because Jackie Chan is a ninja man and he sells this movie. The plot is simple and it's one that's fun to watch because I know what I'll be getting, a movie where Jackie Chan beats up a lot of people in some crazy cool ways.

One thing I love about Jackie Chan movies is how light hearted and fun they are. Even though they have some good people getting hurt and Jackie Chan beats up a lot of people, there's also the comedy that's put into them. He makes me laugh every time and it's not just him. All the other actors are pretty funny in how they react to what's going on and how they interact with Jackie Chan. Though there is still a serious streak in these two movies, the overall feel of them are fun.

Here's the thing about the format and editing of this movie, it's a foreign film. That means there is a horrible voice dub being used on all the actors. If you've actually heard what Jackie Chan sounds like then you know that the voice in these movies does not match him at all. Aside from the dub these movies are edited quite well with a good flow to it with a easy to follow story.

Ok, so the Blu Ray don't look all that impressive, even though I had hoped it would be, the look is really no different than when on TV. These movies where shot over 20 years on film where the grain, the scratches, and flickering are still there to be seen. These movies might have been put on a Blu Ray disc but their quality still looks no different than what I would have seen on a VHS tape.

All right so the Blu Ray don't look as good as I would have liked it to but it does offer something that the TV versions won't. Bonus features. Well, really a bonus feature, even though there are 2 I only count it as 1 because I never really count the trailer as a bonus. With the internet being what it is I can access trailers to almost every movie but it's the outtakes that are the bonus. The case itself is just a normal Blu Ray case but what's cool is how the inside backs of the jacket are 2 of the posters for the movies. This little touch of artwork gives opening up the case a little more incentive to open it.

Being a Jackie Chan fan I would say buy this double feature because they are some of his best movies. If you just like martial arts films, then still it's worth a trip to the store or a search online because they are fun movies.


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