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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It’s finally came to an end after 6 seasons on MTV where 8 people live together at Seaside Heights, NJ. Jersey Shore’s cast for this finale season consists of Situation, Vinny, Pauly D, Snooky, JWOWW, Sammi, Ronnie, and Deena as they do their normal thing by trying to get along with each other, make new friends, get involved in new relationships, maybe end old relationships, but mainly they just want to create lots of drama.

Jersery Shore, is over at long, long last where after 6 seasons (6 too many), this so called reality show has come to an end. Let me say this, if this is a reality I’m glad I’m not in it, a part of it, or where it’s even near me because this is the stupidest show that I’ve ever seen. If someone came along with a show that had a camera set up outside recording the grass every day, all day, this would be more interesting and enjoyable than Jersey Shore. This show is so horribly bad that if I actually had a time machine I would go back in time just so I could become some executive at MTV so I can say, “No, do not put this show on”.  There’s no point to this show, there’s no plot, there’s nothing in this that I found interesting. All these people are rude, crude, mean, judgmental, spiteful, egotistical, and stupid, just to say the least. If there is anything that can be taken away from this show is that it proves that if it has drama in it, sexual situations, skin being shown, and it’s aired then it will be watched and talked about it. Exactly why, I don’t’ know but somehow people actually do watch and like this show. I find it sad that a show like this has actually where given 6 season on TV when there are other shows that actually have good plots, some real actors, and is entertaining are being canceled because they don’t bring in the rating numbers.

Jersey Shore is set up like it’s a reality show where it follows the lives of these people as they live their lives in NJ. Snooki is pregnant, Mike talks about being in rehab, Snooki moves out, more fighting at a club, and then go about reminding us that they create too much mindless drama between each other. I really didn’t think this season was going to be anything other than the same stupid problems being shown over and over again but on a different day. One moment they seem to be fine with each other but then the next there seems to be yet another problem with one or more of them once again at odds with each other. It’s boring, it’s stupid, and it’s not entertaining.

I just don’t get how this show could be fun to watch. There’s just so much wrong with this show and the people on it, I just don’t understand how it could be on air, no less for six years. Here is an idea of how this show goes, opening, drama, bickering, more drama, commercial, rinse and repeat. The editing is the same as any of these reality shows where they try to draw you into what’s going on, then right before the break something supposedly important about happens, then we get the let down of the show coming back on after the break. I think this show is supposed to be interesting and the lives as well as the interactions of the cast are supposed to be as well but all I found it to be was annoying, pointless, and mind-blowing stupid. I don’t care how they think they have grown, I don’t see any growth, getting pregnant don’t make you an adult or mature, it makes you pregnant and I don’t care that you had problems with your boyfriend or had to be in rehab. All I care about is that the show has finally come to an end.

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I still cannot believe that this group of kids made money off this reality tv show, is this really reality??? WOW what are we coming too, well I guess good for them!