Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex

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Friday, June 18, 2010
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Only deleted scenes are included on the this version of the movie.

Jonah Hex (played by Josh Brolin) was serving in the American Civil War for the Confederacy. After betraying his commander Quetin Turnbull (played by John Malkovich) and killing his best friend, Jonah Hex barely survives having Turnbull take his revenge on Hex leaving him with a scarred face. Now that the war is over with Jonah Hex has become a bounty hunter, the best bounty hunter around but he’s still a wanted man. With the power of talking to the dead, Jonah Hex goes around finding all the evil doers that someone will pay him to track down. Though when he finds out that the US Government is needing his help, Jonah Hex is once again in the middle of a war.

Jonah Hex is based off the DC Comics title of the same name and character that’s set during the Civil War and Western era. Hex is a bounty hunter that’s supposed to be unstopple and is able to pretty much track down anyone that he has set his mind on finding. I was expecting a high energy old west type film that has a character that is one really tough character. Thing is I still think that the actual character is that way but the way that Jonah Hex is portrayed by Josh Brolin I didn’t get the feeling that he was this tough bounty hunter. Instead it was more like Jonah Hex, the bounty hunter with the messed up face that can shoot you before you can walk up on him in a bar. Ok, so the man is tough to kill but that’s not due to the fact that he can take down anyone in a fight but because he had some spell put on him to keep him alive.

This movie had a choppy flow to it where at the beginning the main point of the film is told but then it’s as if the middle was put together in a way only to be able to make it to the ending. There’s one scene that has Jonah Hex and Quetin Turnbull fighting in some red dirt/sand but why I’m not sure. There’s also the the plot point about Jonah Hex not knowing about Quetin Turnbull but how he don’t know is something I don’t get if he has such powers as to be able to talk to the dead.

Before I forget there’s Megan Fox’s character of Lilah, the prostitute that has fallen in love with Hex who is just another guy coming to her only he has a really scarred up face. I know this is a movie, also one based off a comic book, but still to have a woman that looks like Megan Fox being a prostitute and falling in love with a guy that’s supposed to be that scarred up is still just beyond the addage of ‘only in the movies’. To make it worse her acting is on the level of a first year thesis film. It seemed like she was doing it because she got paid and she knew that she could just be there with the idea of looking good. Not that Josh Brolin was much better with his acting, nor John Malkovich, which to me was the most surprising and most disappointing of the actors in the film.

As for the special effects in the film, well there’s not that many of them in it to even look bad. Though I think there should have been less effects and more worries about how the characters developed in the film. If there had been more of a interaction between Hex and Turnbull with more confrintations with Hex vs. other people this movie would have been a more enjoyable film to watch. As it stands it does have some action in it and makes for a semi ok way to kill 2 hours, but by the end it’s just an mediocre movie.

Lee Roberts
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