Kylesa: From The Vaults, Vol. 1

From The Vaults Vol.1

Release Date: 
Monday, November 19, 2012

My first experiences with Kylesa (according to wiki the name is taken from the Buddhist term Kilesa Mara, a term denoting the delusory mental states) were a bit rocky. I found the intro track to be haunting and extremely interesting. The drums and bass reminded me Joy Division or Disintegration era Cure with an experimental sounding screech of guitar. When the song ended track two, Inverse, popped on and I just kind of shrugged. Lyrically it was repetitive, the loud crunchy hardcore theme was all too familiar. I hoped the rest of the album would shy away from this formula. Fortunately my wish was granted and the remainder of the album blew my mind.

Kylesa’s From The Vaults, Vol. 1 is a mixture of sounds from hardcore infused sludge rock to alternative rock infused metal with an experimental punk flare to it. It’s hard to generalize because after listening to the album the first couple of times my opinion changed ever so slightly each time. There’s something familiar in each track that reminds me of so many different bands, yet in the end it’s the mixture of vocalists that really adds something to the mix. Laura Pleasants and Philip Cope really handle the vocal duties on each track with flare and musically the band manages to incorporate elements from so many different genre’s in their sound that it’s refreshing not to have to sit through a constant hammering of drums, an endless barrage of screaming vocalists, and an overall sound that tries too hard to fit one certain mold. Kylesa seems to take all their influences and tosses them into one pot and makes it work, and while I didn’t really care for Inverse I ended up loving everything else and looking forward to traversing the bands earlier work. Good stuff.

Stand Out Tracks:
~Between Silence and Sound II
~Drum Jam
~Bottom Line


AJ Garcia
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