Land of the Lost

Land of the Lost

In Theatres: 
Jun 05, 2009
Running Time: 
101 Minutes
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In Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001), Will Ferrell's character, Marshall Willenholly, was named for the first line of the theme song to the original TV series "Land of the Lost" (1974), which names the three main characters: "Marshall, Will, and Holly". In this movie, Will Ferrell plays the first of those characters, Dr. Rick Marshall.~IMDB

Shamed scientist Dr. Rick Marshall (Will Ferrell) is given the motivation he needs by beautiful young scientist Holly Cantrell (Anna Friel) to follow his dreams and find a time warp to another dimension. Along the way the duo meet Will Stanton (Danny McBride), a firework salesman who gets pulled into the expedition and finds himself and the others in the land of the lost (you like what I did there huh?).

Where to begin? Well for starters this is going to be pretty much the same stuff I say about almost all of Will Ferrell’s films. Its just Will Ferrell being Will Ferrell. His means of comedic performance are pretty much that of a child (which could be why he is often referred to as the “Man Child"); he’s loud, sometimes obnoxious, and you can only really get him to calm down for a second if you give him a chuckle. It’s a constant feeling of having the kitchen sink thrown at you even though nothing really hits. Danny McBride is pretty much the same kind of comedian. Anna Friel, for the most part, is an interesting touch as she loses her faux American accent we have seen her use in her (now cancelled) show Pushing Up Daisies. And of course there is Chaka who induces mild chuckles but just comes off a bit lame.

If your looking for those things that usually consist in a film; story, flow, acting, sense, your going to be sadly disappointed. At best the film comes off like a variety show act. You get skits here and there that, on their own, are funny but all together as a whole don’t add any depth to the film. The effects for the film are nothing new. If you’ve seen Journey to the Center of the Earth then you’ve seen this film. Worse still is the level of inappropriateness in a film derived from a family show. Nothing new. If you’ve got to see it I would highly suggest a DVD rental. If you can’t wait just remember you have been warned. 

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