Little Manhattan

Little Manhattan

On DVD: 
Tuesday, April 4, 2006
Running Time: 
84 minutes

Gabe is your typical young boy; he plays video games, rides scooters around with other boys, practices his punt with his dad, and avoids girls and their cooties.

Everything is going just fine until he joins a karate class and it comes time to pair up. The only person he knows in the whole class is Rosemary, a girl that he goes to school with. From there his life gets turned up-side down with all these new feelings he starts having. They start off as just friends hanging out, practicing karate, and exploring the city. But before Gabe knows it he finds himself in love and experiences everything from glorious joy to deep sorrow.

This is really a cute movie and the story works for all ages. It brings out all the emotions anyone has ever felt when they find love, especially their first love. Josh Hutcherson (Gabe) and Charlie Ray (Rosemary) are perfect in their roles and manage to keep a child like quality throughout while still keeping the story perfect for adults. This is certainly a movie that could help in getting through a crush as it makes you realize you are not the only one that has felt that way. There is also commentary with the director and screenwriter, behind the scenes, deleted scenes, a making of, and both the wide and full screen.

Review by Kathy Marsh