Live From Space (PREVIEW)
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Viewers can send the astronauts a wave hello by submitting a picture of themselves waving using the hastag #HelloFromEarth on Instagram. Using the same hashtag you can send questions as well. 


Live From Space looks to be a phenomenal groundbreaking event which puts viewers in direct contact with astronauts hovering around Earth in the International Space Station as well as in touch with Mission Control down on Earth. Along the way viewers will be able to submit questions and if they’re lucky have them answered during the broadcast. 
Partnering with Lexus the show is also offering a unique experience that will include a second screen format that will be available on PC’s, tablets and smart phones that will take viewers on a cultural adventure in whatever country the ISS is hovering over at the time (The ISS orbits Earth every 90 minutes). Questions can also be asked and answered here. 
When I received my promo disc for Live From Space I kind of just scratched my head. If it’s live, what am I going to be watching on the disc? Turns out I had been given five clips ranging from a minute thirty to just over five minutes, but what a precursor. 
It looks like the show will have some amazing features that will provide viewers an incite into how the Astronauts prepare for their mission into space, how their food is readied, and some of the dangers in space. Intriguing and shocking information that most of us probably didn’t know. For instance:
~To send 1 pound of freeze dried astronaut food into space it costs $10,000 and fresh fruit is considered a real treat that sometimes has to be shared among astronauts because there is not enough to go around.
These segments are filled with interesting tidbits of information as well as some real on the edge of your seat moments that make your average space thriller seem insignificant in comparison. 
Live From Space is likely to be the biggest thing to hit television in awhile, especially as it airs after Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey that will more then likely get people interested in space travel, what’s going on inside the ISS from sleep, eating habits, and even bathroom use. 
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