Love Rub & the Chocolate Delight: Love Rub & the Chocolate Delight

Love Rub & the Chocolate Delight

(Love Rub & the Chocolate Delight)
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Now this album is the perfect example of the need to not judge an album by its cover...or a band by its name for that matter. In both cases, I thought I was in for a long listening experience (and not the good kind) when I first put this CD on. Imagine my shock then, when I first put this album on to listen to it. Far from the jam band or acoustic stylings that I figured would populate this CD, I was greeted by raw, rock music with a lot of passion and skill behind it. 

It was a very pleasant surprise and not one that I get to experience all that often. An even better surprise was the discovery that the album was also incredibly consistent from front to back. If I had to compare them to anyone, I'd say that they reminded me of mewithoutYou and Brand New, at least for the majority of the record. Again, they manage to bring those two bands to mind without simply ripping them off or trying to mimic their sound/style of playing. So all in all, this CD managed to be surprising, engaging and fun to listen to. I normally don't come across bands like this (in my reviews) that seem to have a higher standard than most of the other stuff filling up the airwaves. This was a refreshing listen and one that I'd encourage you to check out when you have the time. It'll be worh it.

Jeremy Hunt
Review by Jeremy Hunt
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