Meet Dave

Meet Dave

In Theatres: 
Jul 11, 2008
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 30 Minutes

Meet Dave, an alien spaceship disguised as a human; Eddie Murphy to be exact. The tiny beings inside him are on a mission to Earth in order to search for an orb that was knocked out of orbit.  Lead by the Captain, Dave must find a way to save their planet from destruction. Things become somewhat difficult when the human environment begins to affect the crew members, forcing emotion out of Dave as well, causing him to fall in love with Gina (Elizabeth Banks). Now the Captain must decide between the mission and the Earth. Oh, there is comedy involved as well.

Based on the trailers and such, this film looked painfully awful. I went in with an open mind but didn’t have high expectations of it. Well, it turns out that the film is not as bad as I was thinking. I’ll admit the story was the worst thing of it. It really made no sense at all and was abundant with plot holes and goofs. The whole “miniature people in a spaceship disguised as a human” theme doesn’t work well. What I did enjoy were the actors. Ed Helms (Andy from The Office) as No. 2 was a nice addition. You can definitely see some of his Office charm in the film. Another surprise was Pat Kilbane as No. 4. He definitely took the spotlight from Eddie Murphy. His humor was fresh and witty; probably one of the few who actually succeeded.

This brings me to why I was disappointed. The film wasn’t that funny. Granted there were some funny moments but for the most part, I felt as if I was staring at a brick wall. For being only 90 minutes, the film sure did drag on. There were so many weak aspects, things seemed to fall apart. You could tell it was a comedy but it didn’t feel like an Eddie Murphy comedy. He lost his charm in this one. If you really must see this film, then go ahead. I would recommend waiting for the DVD at least, as it is not worth a theater viewing, especially with many other great films out already. It has it’s moments that keep it going and although it did beat out my expectations, it wasn’t that much higher.

Matt Rodriguez
Review by Matt Rodriguez
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