Mind Games: Cauliflower Man (PREVIEW)

Mind Games: Cauliflower Man

5 Cauliflower Man
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Tuesdays @ 10PM
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

When Ross (played by Christian Slater) used some underhanded schemes to get the company him and his brother Clark (played by Steve Zhan) going, he made an enemy. Sure that first deal worked out where it made the company some money but it also set the sights of a powerful man on Ross and Clark. Now when they are trying to help the son of a politician stand by his word, the brothers find themselves in the cross-hairs of a journalist who only wants to bring them down. Can they pull off another scheme that will make themselves look good in the eyes of someone that has already pegged them as a group of poor con artists or will they be able to help possibly save the lives of many people?

Mind Games is now on the fifth episode of at least 13 for season 1 and it has held up quite nicely. I watched the pilot, it was good, it had a good cast, the acting was good, and the story idea is interesting but can it hold up as a long running show? After watching this episode I think Mind Games could be a fun show that should at least make it a full season. In this episode, the plot forces the characters to show their true colors while also trying to hide who they are. Would it be better for them to show the reporter that they actually do care about what they do and that they want to help people or is it more important that it only seems that way?

Here's a good reason why I liked this show, it has more that just a couple of characters trying to do good and make money. Sure it has jokes, some funny, some are simple, but there's heart to this story. I don't mean the actual plot of the son trying to get his father to pass a bill that started because of the death of his younger brother, there's a undercurrent that seems to be showing the characters as people who care. Sure they go about doing their job in a underhanded manner, that just adds to the luster to the show, but it's how well Steve Zhan and Christian Slater work together. These are two good actors and it show sin how they make their characters actually seem like brothers who always butt heads. I have my own older brother, me and him do similar, we have the same end goal but how we get there is always different and we always think we can get there in a way that is better than his. That's what these two do, it's fun to watch them and they have made it seem like a real relationship.

This was a fun episode to watch, it has some funny moments and it has the serious moments that get you connected with the characters. What I thought was going to happen ended up not happening, at least in part way it didn't. Not often that I get that to happen with a television show and when it does I take notice. Throw in the fact that the cast of actors on this show, both main and the guest, give a really good performance with their characters and this episode turned out to be one that has me wanting to watch more of Mind Games. It's a quirky show with quirky characters and what seems like good writers. It seems like the writers have their thumb on who their characters are, where they want to take them, and they are going to do it. Because of that, Mind Games has tuned into a show that has something to offer and I think as good as it is now it has more to come.

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