Mind Hunters

Mind Hunters

On DVD: 
Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Running Time: 
106 minutes

A group of FBI profilers are dropped off on a remote island to complete their training. As they start to investigate the first staged crime scene things start to go very wrong. Soon they all realize that there is a real serial killer on the island and it has to be one of them. Now they must quickly put the clues together to figure out who the murderer is before they are all killed.

Going into this movie I was expecting a thriller; but very soon I was to find out that was not going to be the case. I mean there is some thriller genre things thrown in like red herrings, puzzles to figure out, twists in the story, and the constant guessing; but there is also an odd mix of cheesy horror flick involved. After the first person gets it I found myself laughing for several minutes, one because of the un-expectant graphic nature of the death and two because of how serious all the characters took it. From that moment on I stopped watching this movie as an intense thriller and looked at it more as an entertaining bad movie. For the most part I don’t really see anyone being able to guess who the killer is because they make sure that everyone is a suspect at some point. But the deaths are quite amusing at just the absurd nature of them. One thing that drove me nuts was Jonny Lee Miller’s attempt at what I could best guess was a southern accent that fades in and out; normally I love him in anything he does but come on he does not need to do an accent. There is commentary with the director, profiling Mind Hunters, a look at the stunts, and a walkthrough the set with the director. If you are a fan of the book Ten Little Indians also titled And Then There Were None you will pick up that the plot is copying the book fairly heavily; but this doesn’t mean you will enjoy this film. To get any kind of entertainment out of it you have to enjoy not the greatest effects, if you can laugh at bad lines and bad plot moves, you do not get upset over characters always making the same mistakes in these movies, and you aren’t planning on trying to make sense out of the end. It is just a funny movie that really wasn’t meant to be.

Review by Pandora
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