Mirror Mirror (BLU-RAY)

Mirror Mirror

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 46 Minutes

Lilly Collins is the daughter of musician Phill Collins. Phill Collins has also acted in film eappearing in such films as Frauds, Buster, and a small roll in Hook.

When word came out that there would be two films focusing on the story of Snow White, or some version of it, I had already committed to seeing Mirror Mirror simply because I’m a fan of its director Tarsem Singh. Sure Immortals might have been a wash but I’m still impressed by his masterful work with his original film The Fall. That being said I headed to the theaters to see what he had in store for me with his revamped tale of Snow White.

Where Snow White and The Huntsman is a film that reaches more towards epic proportions with its vicious creatures, more in-depth and all around developed take on the evil queen and Snow White’s path that leads to taking out said evil queen in a very action oriented manner, Mirror Mirror is more a tame family film. Julia Roberts’ evil queen is cruel but pretty flat when it comes to her character. Lilly Collins’ Snow White just seems to be going through the motions of the poor little princess who must rise up to take on her evil step mother. Army Hammer’s charming is a buffoon plain and simple. The only real winners here are the seven dwarves, played by actual dwarves in this tale, and of course Singh’s ability to create a world that transports you from the theater into something dream-like. Oh yeah, Nathan Lane is his usual hilarious self, but not a saving grace by any means.

The film is tame at best, almost forgettable, but when you look at it from the perspective that it’s a family film its lackluster appearance and frail storyline can be forgiven. There are far worse family films out there that I just shutter at when I imagine my kids asking me to take them to the theaters to see them. Mirror Mirror may not be the greatest film ever created but it certainly isn’t the worst. It’ll come down to your own personal preference on this one.

Despite my qualms with the film itself the BD release of Mirror Mirror is actually what we in the business like to call reference. Detail is highly acute in this picture giving us a clearly visible bead on clothing texture, facial grooves, all the hard work put into detailing the CGI work in the film and the elaborate world Singh has created for the movie. Color I did have some issue with. At time sit feels like a yellow hue is attempting to take over the picture but it seems to be an ambient quality that ahs to do with lighting rather then a fault with the Blu-Ray itself. When this issue does not occur colors are very rich and vibrant adding to the glamour of Singh’s made up world.

Audio comes at you with a nicely immersed DTS-HD MA 5.1 audio track. Aside form dialogue coming at you crisp and clear there is plenty of side and rear channel action that gives the film that added boost for a more enjoyable home theater experience.

~Five Deleted Scenes that range from great to useless. One of them is an Alternate Opening.
~ Theatrical Trailer
~I Believe I Can Dance: A behind the scenes look at the choreography of the films closing number.
~Digital Copy
~Free Download of the Lilly Collins song I Believe In Love (Evil Queen Mix)
~Prince and Puppies: Rubbish
~Interactive Storybook
~DVD Copy

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