Mixology: Bruce and Jessica (PREVIEW)

Mixology: Bruce and Jessica

Bruce and Jessica
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Wednesdays @ 9:30PM ET
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bruce (played by Andrew Santino) has set his sights on the woman in the red dress, Jessica (played by Alexis Carra) but this might be the one woman that he just can't get. Trying every move, pick up line, and play that he can think of, Bruce is going to find getting Jessica to say something nice to him is going to be near impossible. While Bruce works his way into being that annoying bar guy, Liv is still talking to Ron but now she's ready to really cut loose with the only way she can think of, breaking the law.

So far out of the first three episodes of Mixology, this is one that I liked the least. It seemed like the theme of this episode was not like the others where they where about having fun, hanging out with friends, and meeting new people (aside from Ron who can't be described as having fun when his character is supposed to be having the worst day of his life). This episode had no fun in it, mostly it was sad and somewhat annoying by having this episodes main characters being mean & cruel and the other as sad & desperate. In the first two episodes the characters where made to be having fun, it made me have fun watching them, in this one, I felt bad for Bruce.

I get the idea of having the characters the way they are in this because it makes them into actual individuals. This was also one of the more realistic of the episodes, not that the others don't actually happen, but this one felt like it was what would be going on in a bar setting. One thing that I didn't like about this episode, was how Bruce, Cal, and Tom are being played. In the first episodes they where funny, Tom was trying to meet a new girl, Bruce and Cal was there to kind of help while also trying to get numbers of girls for themselves. They are acting in a fashion that was fun to watch whereas in this episode they went over the top with the whole “never going back a third time” deal. Before these characters where fun guys that where a bit corny but this time they where the annoying guys that didn't make me laugh.

Even though this is the least liked of the first episodes for me, it still had some good points making the show alright. One being having Liv and Ron still talking to each other and what they end up doing turned out to be funny. Even though they are not in it that much, mainly because this was not their episode, it was a good break from seeing Bruce and Jessica. There's also the moments where Maya is having trouble being mistaken for something she is not. This was even shorter than the Liv and Ron parts but still good. What this show has going for it, like the previous two episodes, is the idea and the format being used to show and introduce the characters. I liked that I'm getting to see the reason why these characters are the way they are but it's being done in a quick manner that's clear and pretty precise. The editing of the show was done nicely as well because it moves along quickly, there's no time to really get bored with any of the characters because there's a nice balance with how much time the main two got and how much the side ones where given. Maybe not the best of the three for Mixology but still a show that I haven't been turned off of and I still got to laugh some while watching it.

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