Morning Glory (BLU-RAY)

Morning Glory

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, March 8, 2011
Running Time: 
102 minutes

As of the release of the movie, 'Don Roy King', who plays the director of DayBreak, is the actual director of NBC's "Saturday Night Live" (1975) and Robert Caminiti, who plays the assistant director of DayBreak, is the actual assistant director of "Saturday Night Live". ~IMDB

When I reviewed Morning Glory in theaters I found it to be a sad waste of talent considering the cast and as a movie overall it rates at about a made for TV movie. Its funny but nothing special, at all. Between then and now, and giving the film a second shot on Blu-Ray I thought maybe, now that I know what to expect, I could delve even deeper and find the substance I felt it lacked while visiting it in the theater. Unfortunately its just as shallow as it ever was offering up a few laughs in line delivery but remains a mish mash of its various predecessors. On the positive side it looks really good doing it.

Morning Glory happens to find itself one of those amazing BD transfers that you end up telling your friends, who are still holding out on buying a Blu-Ray Player, about. Its crisp, sharp, vibrant, virtually flawless in all the right area’s. Mind you there is a small amount of grain going on in the background but the transfer manages to give you a high definition picture while retaining its cinematic texture and feel. Audio is just as superb with a DTS-HD MA 5.1 soundtrack that manages to capture dialogue, atmosphere, and ambient sound and keep their individual levels working fluidly so that your able to get a proper mix. Mind you this film is not a sci-fi action flick so rear channels aren’t active as much but sound is amazingly good.

And here’s where we find the issues with this release. I want to remind you that as a film Morning Glory doesn’t offer any life affirming messages or Oscar caliber acting. It’s a simple film thrown together from already used idea’s to offer up a good one hundred and seven minutes of generically charming chuckle inducing moments. With that being said I wouldn’t have expected much by way of supplemental material anyway but as a consumer I expect more then this for a film as new as this. What do you get? An HD presented deleted scene that runs a short 46 seconds featuring Diane Keaton and Ty Burrell (Modern Family) talking about shampoo. The other is a commentary track by Director Roger Mitchell and Writer Aline Brosh McKenna.


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