My Big Fat Geek Wedding (PREVIEW)

My Big Fat Geek Wedding

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Tuesday @ 10/9c
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014
My Big Fat Geek Wedding is a show I’d never even heard of before, no adverts, nothing, until as of late when I reviewed the premier episode in which a young couple wants to have a Middle Earth/Game Of Thrones style wedding. I’ve sat through odder concepts. So how was it?
I think the real difficulty for me was that I am a huge reality television skeptic. People just aren’t the same anymore when you stick a camera in their faces. They play into their perceived roles and sometimes it works while other times it comes off completely cheesy. So take a couple of kids looking to have a Cosplay wedding with seemingly unlimited funds and your skeptical compass tends to go whacky. 
Don’t worry, I reeled myself in and tucked my bias away (for awhile). Still, it did hurt the show that the couple were quickly tossed into the madness of designing the wedding of their dreams without any real back-story other then a short “we met thanks to Final Fantasy” explanation.
Without much chemistry working for the two I had no real option but to judge the show solely on the way they put their wedding together. From a mostly alienated wedding planner to a very rapid wardrobe (aside from the dress) throw down. In-between we have solitary moments of geek that works, but for the most part I found myself not being completely occupied by the show which once again brought me back to the faltering power of my skepticism. 
After all is said and done I couldn’t help but think that somewhere someone might utter the words “Cosplay wedding couples have just as much right to get married as straight laced, more traditional couples”, therefore I leave out the highest level of my negative view on the show and just say, “it’s no worse then Heroes of Cosplay”.   
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