My Soul To Take (BLU-RAY)

My Soul to Take

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, February 8, 2011
Running Time: 
108 minutes

Holds the record for the lowest opening of a 3D film in history. ~IMDB

Wes Craven has been out of then game since 1994’s New Nightmare in which he attempts to resurrect his pivotal character Freddy Kruger. Since then the horror movie genre has been a wasteland of teen slasher flicks that attempt to emulate Craven’s style and torture porn films which somehow manage to garner sequel after sequel after sequel. So, who better then to rescue the horror genre then one of the men responsible for making it such a profitable and noteworthy category? Unfortunately Craven’s return to the genre sadly fails like the hundred or so other directors out there that try to hit on his old winning track record. Terrible acting, lackluster story, and little to no scares.

Universal’s BD transfer is, for the most part, good enough. Color, clarity, and definition are prominent for a good majority of the film offering up beautiful shots of the lakes and greenery in Riverton. Skin pigmentation retains a natural look and black and white levels only waver at the front few seconds of a shot in the night time sky. There are a few wide out shots that lose clarity and let in a bit of grain but overall the quality is decent. Audio comes at you with a DTS-HD Master audio track which is mostly front heavy only really utilizing the left side speaker and avoiding entirely the rear section of your surround sound. Not much dynamic use of the surround sound feature but dialogue is never lacking and use of silent to loud scare tactic manage to come through fine.

~Alternate Beginning + 2 Alternate Endings: The two alternate endings, the last few minutes anyway, would have been a cool little twist at the end but with such a convoluted story I guess they figured it wouldn’t have made much difference anyway. All three of these alternates don’t amount to much in the long run but will be fun for those who call themselves a fan of the film.
~Deleted and Extended Scenes: Only if you enjoyed the film will these deleted scenes amount to much either. One scene (Fang Plays Guitar) is either unfinished or Fang likes to fake it. Seeing Jay’s house and all of his sketches of the Riverton Ripper was kind of cool though.
~Feature Commentary with Wes Craven and Cast Members Max Theriot, John Magaro, and Emily Meade.


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