Nanny McPhee (BLU-RAY)

Nanny McPhee

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, August 17, 2010
Running Time: 
97 minutes

The voice of Mrs Partridge, proprietor of the agency to which Mr Brown repairs for a new nanny ("There's no more nannies! You've 'ad the lot!"), is provided by actress Phyllida Law, Emma Thompson's mother. ~IMDB

Based on the 1960’s children’s books, Nurse Matilda, Nanny McPhee is very much like Mary Poppins (who predates Nurse Matilda by 30 years), a mysterious Nanny who appears out of nowhere to help tame the disobedient children of the Brown family. Academy Award winner Emma Thompson wrote the screenplay for this film and stars as Nanny McPhee.

Obviously a step up from the DVD version the Nanny McPhee release for Blu-Ray has its issues. For starters the picture is not always as crisp and clear as it could be. Night scenes and some exterior shots suffer a decline in clarity bringing the film from a perfectly crisp and detailed Blu-Ray quality to a slight less quality that suffers from white static that clings to the darker shades and or floating over exterior scenes in full. Its not a complete nuisance but its recognizable. Color seems to have some issues as well. The Brown home has some very colorful set pieces such as stained glass windows adorned with bright colors as well as some of the children’s outfits being extremely bright. It seemed like the color was boosted during the transfer which gives it a garish look that comes off to bright and fake. Audio quality is a well balanced DTS-HD Master Audio mix that captures the playful soundtrack, the sound effects, and the dialogue without one overpowering the other.

*Casting The Children
*Village Life
*Nanny McPhee Makeover
*Deleted Scenes
*Hilarious Gag Reel
*How Nanny McPhee Came To Be
*Features Commentary w/ Director Kirk Jones and The Children
*BD-Live features

Its all pretty much the same bonus features from the DVD release minus the commentary track from Emma Thompson and Producer Lindsay Doran, replaced it seems by the BD-Live feature. An upgrade without a doubt but with two more additions to this franchise coming you can expect a re-release eventually that may offer a more touched up version somewhere down the line. 

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