NY Med: Season 2 Episode 6 (PREVIEW)

NY Med

Air Date: 
Thursday, July 31, 2014

Working in a hospital is not like how it's portrayed in some of the television shows where the patients come in with a problem and by the end the doctors have a cure for them. Most of the time the people that come to the hospital have a problem that the doctors don't know what is the cause, some are rude, and there are even ones that though the doctors tell them they have to be there or they could die, will turn around and leave. It's a tough business and even harder career for these people that spend their lives trying to help others and this NY Med is there to get their side of the story.
Watching episode 6 of NY Med was my first time watching this show or even knowing about it. This is the second season for the show that takes place inside an actual hospital in New York that is centered around real life events that are happening. It's not rehearsed so in this instance this is as real as a reality show as you can get. Which I think that's one of the reasons why I didn't know about this show, it's too real for prime-time entertainment. Though there are a lot of so called "reality" shows, but in all of them they are still a televised show where they have multiple takes, the lines will be said again, and are rehearsed some. For NY Med, they can't do any of the normal filming and techniques that are used because you can't tell someone with a bullet wound, hey, can you go back out and come back in but this time scream louder and use less curse words. This is in the moment and it's real, though it's not the gory stuff that you might figure for a reality show that's inside a hospital.

It's not a gore fest, there's no one’s insides hanging on the outside, and I didn't see any nasty stuff that I wouldn't want to see that's actually real. Which that's a big check for this show because though I might be able to have no problem watching a horror movie that has gore, seeing a real person cut open is not something I want to see. What this show does is focus on the doctors and what they go through. Some of it is interesting and some not so but there is still the drama and the set up like any other reality show. So they can't do retakes but they still cut the show where when it comes to a commercial there is a buildup of tension and drama before going to the break. They have the doctors talk to the camera in a interview like manner as well as following them as they work. Throughout the show there are also interviews with some patients, some of them are useless to the show but there were a few that gave a little twinge of added entertainment.

For the most part though I just didn't care much for the show. One reason is that when I'm watching a TV show I want to be entertained, as in making me laugh, think, or even being scared but to have a show that's about actual real life and it's about health problems is not something I find entertaining. Seeing people sick, being shot, or having any health problem that might kill them is just too depressing and real. I know it's there, that don't mean when I have some free time of my life that I want to see it and this show just reminds me how fragile life really is but not in a good way. Along with that, the show is edited in a way that I wasn't given enough time to get interested in one particular person. I was introduced to one then seemed like within minutes I was seeing another then another and was left wondering what happened to that first one. Most of what is shown is handled in the same way where they have one patient, we get a little bit of what's going on, then on to the next without any full understanding of what I just saw. In the end, NY Med is just too real, too depressing, and set up where I couldn't enjoy it.

Lee Roberts
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