Oblivion Island: Haruka And The Magic Mirror (BLU-RAY)
Is Like:

Labyrinth, Alice In Wonderland

Sixteen-year-old Haruka is on a mission to find her mirror - a precious childhood gift from her late mother that has disappeared. On her search, she follows a strange fox like creature to Oblivion Island, a mystical world overflowing with once-cherished items taken from their neglectful owners. Trouble follows Haruka and her new friend Teo at every turn as they contend with the island's overbearing ruler, who will stop at nothing to use the mirror for his own sinister plan!

There is so much to love about Oblivion Island. The CGI animation renders excellent life like fluidity to the entire film without ever feeling off. The color scheme of the entire film is breathtakingly beautiful and as usual Funimation delivers a reference quality HD presentation with a fully immersive soundtrack to give the entire package a ready to go theater experience right out of the case.

Do I have any qualms with the release. Only one. At times you tend to get lost in the animation style, which is very reminiscent to today’s video games. After all the story is about as video game as you can get. Young girl stumbles into a mysterious world, must traverse the world and avoid henchmen, ending the story with a big boss level. Okay there is way more to it then that but you will get that video game feeling at times. You can choose to ignore it or accept it. Either way it’s not a hindrance, just a nagging thought that may pull you out of the film.


Perfect. Not more can be said about it other then, perfect.

~Behind The Scenes of Oblivion Island
~A Visit To Fushimi Inari Shrine: Part of the PR process has the voice over actress for Haruka traveling to the shrine and talking about the film and how the two tie in together in spirit.
~Battleship Island: An Actual Oblivion Island
~Greetings At The Premiere
~A Word From The Cast
~The U.S. Premiere
~Haruka and Teo’s Panel Puzzle
~A Journey Through Fox Folklore: A 25+ minute documentary on how foxes have affected the Japanese culture throughout the years.
~Sierra Leone Relief Spots
~Original Teasers and Trailers
~Original TV Commercials
~U.S. Trailer
~DVD Version

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