Picket Fences: Season 1

Picket Fences

On DVD: 
Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A little quirky. A little odd. A little ridiculous. Definitely addictive.

Jimmy Brock (Emmy winner Tom Skerritt) and his wife, Jill (Emmy winner Kathy Baker) do their best to raise their 3 children (Kimberly, Matthew and Zachary) in the small town of Roe, Wisconsin. So in between dealing with bullies, the principle and unique child inventions these parents have to take care of the craziest little town in the Midwest (UFO’s, cows giving birth to humans, and dead bodies everywhere). Helping Jimmy (in their own unique ways) in the unconventional sheriff’s department are Kenny, Maxine and Ginny (Zelda Rubinstein is my absolute favorite character in the entire show).

This show is definitely a little dated but, dare I say, sweet. It doesn’t have the in-your-face weirdness of Twin Peaks or the X-Files so it may take a few episodes for those die hard fans to appreciate it but it eventually delivers. It’s a show that everyone can get addicted to (even grandma) if they give it a chance. But I can see why it didn’t have the viewers. The story lags a little and only delivers the goods in tiny doses. This makes it hard to keep watching from week to week. It translates much better on dvd where you can get those doses all together.

This is a buy for those that like there sitcom drama with a little twist.

Review by Sheree Cobernus