Planet MiniGolf

Planet MiniGolf

(Zen Studios)
Ship Date: 
Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Golf is considered a sport of precision and grace. Its courses are filled with wide open green spaces, luscious landscapes and the occasional water or sand hazard. Minigolf on the other hand, is quite different.

It consists of multiple obstacles that will consistently thwart your never ending quest for that hole-in-one, occasionally pushing you to the brink of madness. Now, imagine an entire planet like this, filled with power-ups and trick shots, and you get Zen Studios’ latest creation.

Is Planet MiniGolf the aforementioned hole-in-one or will you be screaming for a mulligan by the end of the course?

Consisting of over 140 different courses, Planet MiniGolf will take you to the plundered treasure of a pirate’s cove, the downtown streets of SoHo, the frozen oceans of the arctic, and the lush forests of the Amazon. Each location has a variety of challenging courses, ranging from Warmup to Wacky, consisting of nine holes a piece.It’s a little disappointing that this ‘planet’ only has four locations although each one has three different environments you’ll putt in. Besides, it’s not the trees in the background you’ll be looking at when trying to recover from a double bogey on the last hole.

That brings us to our next point; the game will test every nerve in your body. You don’t become a pro at golf overnight and the same can be said about Planet MiniGolf. Be prepared to see a lot of red numbers and not so much of the green initially, that is, unless you enjoy restarting the entire course.

Many of the courses can be difficult, even on the early stages. There is typically a specific route to take in order to get the best score. Failure to adhere to it can result in disaster, sometimes leading to a score in the double digits. The sad part is that one bad hole can practically destroy your standings for the course. It’s going to take a lot of practice if you want to succeed in this game, that’s for sure.


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