Police Story 2 (Special Collector's Edition)

Police Story 2

On DVD: 
Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Running Time: 
122 minutes

I was wondering what the deal was with this re-re-re-re-re-release of Police Story 2 (this time through Dragon Dynasty) until I caught the first trailer on the disc. It was when the narrator dramatically announced the original Police Story with “Jackie Chan, star of Rush Hour 2 and Shanghai Nights”. Apparently this is for the space colony we sent to the moon without any media input for the last 10. Anybody else has probably decided if they want to own Police Story 2 by now.

I love this movie. That’s a pretty obvious statement to make because I love most of Jackie Chan’s earlier work. He can flippy-jump like a lunatic crack monkey and almost dies during the filming of each one of his movies. This does not count Rush Hour, Shanghai Nights, or basically anything else that was made in the states because they weren’t his movies, he just happened to be in them. This brings me to the special features.

There are a few nice ones such as interviews with the stuntmen behind the film, alternative outtakes (?), and a location guide. Then you have two featurettes with Brett Ratner and “Hong Kong Cinema Expert” Bey Logan. Asking what these guys have to do with Police Story 2 is like ignoring the Wheel of Fish asking Kuni for what’s under the box, which is absolutely nothing. Oh wait, Brett directed the two Rush Hour movies. No, no, that still doesn’t make any sense because Polices Story 2 is largely a good movie and Brett has no business putting his face or voice anywhere near it.

Even if you’re not an action junkie you’d be missing out by not seeing this at least once, so make it a rental. If you’re an action junkie you probably own one of the previous release versions. Either way I can’t imagine why you’d want to buy this particular version.

Review by Baron Aloha