Power Rangers

Power Rangers

In Theatres: 
Mar 24, 2017
Running Time: 
124 minutes
Confession time. Despite being in the prime demographic and being a huge Sailor Moon fan, Power Rangers never captured my attention. The acting was too over the top, I couldn't ignore the dubbing issues, and the “special effects” were the very opposite of special. I just couldn’t suspend my disbelief for the show my peers all loved.  Although having skipped the 90’s phenomenon of Power Rangers, there was no escaping the excitement in the audience for this film. Fans of all ages showed incredible enthusiasm, cheering as the lights dimmed. 
PR somehow makes it believable that these teens who make bad decisions, who are majorly angsty, and marginalized, can come together. After all, as their mentor Zordon tells them, what they need to unlock the power to make them Power Rangers is within them the entire time. Their strength and power comes from thinking of each other and caring for one another. The writers do a decent job of focusing on these interpersonal relationships and creating a bond that feels real. 
While their attempts to straddle the line between serious and silly didn’t always stick the landing, Power Rangers was pure fun. Unlike other origin story films, it is actually exhilarating to see each teen discover their powers and evolve to superhero. They are chosen, but not everything is handed to them.
Definitely one of the most diverse big budget action films, Power Rangers has characters who are of various races, speak other languages, are on the Autism spectrum, and identify as possibly LGBT. The message is clear, anyone can be a hero--well, at least a team member, not the lead.  Some reviews have complained about the VERY obvious product placement and while it does get to be a bit much (and maybe it’s the Atlanta in me), but I found the Krispy Kreme jokes to be winners. I could honestly watch Elizabeth Banks playing Rita Repulsa ponder about Krispy Kreme all day. 
There are lots of treats for fans of the series in the film. Cameos from the TV Series and post credit teaser for another Ranger were met with excited screams and applause.  Of course, not being a fan, these were a little lost on me, but I never felt out of place or lost during the viewing. Power Rangers is a strong entry point for what will possibly be a six movie series.
Maria Jackson
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