Power Rangers RPM, Volume 2: Race for Corinth

The powerful computer virus Venjix continues to attack the city of Corinth, where the last humans have taken refuge, by unleashing Grinders and Attack Bots. Luckily, the Power Rangers are there to protect Corinth, and battle the evil Venjix army.


Following the tradition of the Power Rangers franchise, every Ranger has a unique personality and special skills. Viewers including children will probably have no problem understanding the plot without having seen the first volume. Each of the five episodes on this disc tackles one specific Ranger’s background story such as his/her life before becoming a Ranger, and focuses on why and how he/she decided to become one.


When I was young, I was more addicted to these colorful heroes than to the superheroes in cartoons because the live-action was more “realistic” to me. The cinematography and the storyline definitely got much better over the years. Power Rangers RPM is a little bit more than just good guys fighting bad guys. Every character has a more meaningful purpose and motivation. Two characters in this particular series are notable. The first one is Ranger Green, whose story is a little more unique and unexpected. The other one is the beautiful villain Tenaya 7. As far as I remember, most of the past female villains of the earlier franchise looked like ugly witches. The contrast between her attractive looks, and her cold  and cunning personality is refreshing.


This volume tends to be more about character developments than actual battles and cool gadgets. Therefore, this may actually be a bit boring for some of the younger viewers. If your young child has never seen any Power Rangers series, the action segments can be a bit intense and loud enough for them. Now as an adult viewer, of course I find some action stunts, dialogues and effects cheesy and some explosions unnecessary, but overall I still had some fun watching this DVD. The weakest part is the complete lack of special features (unless you want to count previews of other Disney films).

Review by Pat Trabi