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Apr 29, 2011

Prom. It’s that one night every year that high school students either cherish forever or absolutely loathe. It can be a joyous and fun celebration spent with friends and lovers, or it can be beyond stressful and frustrating. Whichever the case may be, Prom is a night to remember.

Disney’s Prom follows the tale of a group of high school students as they prepare for the big event. Some, like Justin and Mei, have been together for what seems like a lifetime and want to night to be memorable. Others such as Lucas just wish they could find a date and for once not be invisible. Then there’s Nova. As head of the prom committee, it’s her duty to make sure everything is perfect so that everyone has a good time. Unfortunately, that doesn’t leave her much room for herself.

Thinking back to my own high school days, I can tell you that the film is nothing like how Prom actually is. It’s filled with cheesy, stereotypical characters that end with fairytale moments. Sure, that may be what Disney does best but even this one is a bit of a stretch. The perfect way to describe it is if MTV met The Breakfast Club.

You have the princess, that’s Nova, who is just an all around good student. Then there’s the jock, Tyler, who thinks everything should be handed to him and tries to get away with having his cake and eating it too. As for the rebel, that’s Jesse. His “doesn’t care about anything attitude” masks the fact that he’s a good guy with a troubled past. Everyone falls into their respective categories and doesn’t deviate too much from the stereotypical character role. You know how things will end before they even begin.

There are a few genuinely funny moments though, many due to Rolo talking about his “imaginary” date or Lucas’ attempts to ask someone to the prom. Other than that though, Prom doesn’t accomplish much. The film struggles to make you care at all about any of the characters and provides a predictable and overused storyline filled with cheesy dialogue. This is not a night you’d want to remember.

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Matt Rodriguez
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