Pulp Fiction (BLU-RAY)

Pulp Fiction

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, October 4, 2011
Running Time: 
2 Hours, 33 Minutes
Bonus Features

New Interviews, New Critics' Retrospective, Behind-the-Scenes, Deleted Scenes, and many more

Pulp Fiction is a movie that has been one of my top 5 favorite films and I’ve watched the movie probably more times than the amount of movies some people see in their life-time. Here is a movie that was directed/wrote by Quentin Tarantino that follows the lives of 2 hitmen, Vicent Vega (played by John Travolta) and Jules Winnfield (played by Samuel L. Jackson), the boxer Butch Coolidge (played by Bruce Willis), Marsellus Wallace the gangster boss (played by Ving Rhames), his wife Mrs. Mia Wallace (played by Uma Thurman), and a few other characters and how all these many people end up having their lives intertwine with each other. Playing out their roles, each of these characters have their own story that could be a movie of itself but by the end it’s each of these parts that build Pulp Fiction into a great crime story.

What makes this movie so great and worth watching, is that Quentin Tarantino took his movie and told it in a mixed up timeline. This is not a start to finish movie, it’s not even one that tells the end first and then goes back to fill in the gaps, what Pulp Fiction does is just start in the middle of the story for each of these characters stories then somehow they get brought together and by the end it all makes sense. As great as the format and editing is on this movie, it wouldn’t be nearly as good if it was not for the dialog. Quentin Tarantino has a gift for writing a script with such great dialog, it’s so good here that nearly every line can be used for a quote, everybody wants to repeat what’s being said, and it all just sounds so good when listening to it. The way the character talk to each other is so cool, it flows smoothly and at no time does this movie get stale.

This was also a movie that gave some actors a second chance and some were brought to light in the film industry. Each of the cast does such a superb job with their characters, each one have brought a life to their characters that at no time does Pulp Fiction look or feel like it was being acted out. This was a movie where every little aspect was put together like it was a puzzle that when finished it created a museum painting. If any aspect is taken from this movie, the music being play, the references to movies and tv, the ward robe, or one of the most memorable scenes, the leather clad “Gimp” who appears for just a few moments, Pulp Fiction would not have been as great a movie that it is.

Now I’ve seen this movie in nearly every format that it has been shown on. I saw it when it came out in the theaters from the nice theater to the cheap dollar theater that has the giant soda stain on the screen, watched it many times on VHS, seen it on HD tv station, the DVD versions, and now I got to watch the Blu Ray of this movie. I was both extremely thrilled and somewhat disappointed in this Blu Ray of Pulp Fiction. The quality of the movie on Blu Ray looks great and has huge improvement from the way it looked when it was out on VHS to the DVD. None of the other formats can compare to this Blu Ray version. Listening to this film is about as important to it’s effect on the viewer as having a good picture. I was most impressed with the way the audio levels on this Blu Ray sound. I didn’t have to have my television set turned up near max just to hear what was being said, and I didn’t have to turn it down quickly when I knew the gunshots where coming up. As for the transfer over for the picture quality, this movie looks so much better. Every color in this movie are really crisp, which is a big deal with all the vibrant colors being used in this film, and there’s little noise that I saw.

However what disappointed me about this Blu Ray were the special features. With being a Blu Ray I was expecting a whole lot more newly added features to be put on it but what I got was only a few new ones and then a bunch of old stuff. In fact there are only 2 actual new features added to this, interviews and a critics point on where this film stands in movie history. All the other features on this Blu Ray are the same ones that came on the Collectors Edition DVD version that I already have. Basically the only reason to have this movie on Blu Ray would be the picture quality, which is enough for me because of how great a film Pulp Fiction is. Now Blu Ray has been able to bring a great movie up another notch making it look and sound better than it ever has before.

Lee Roberts
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