Rachel Ann Weiss: Dark is Coming

Dark is Coming

(Rachel Ann Weiss)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, July 22, 2014
For children of celebrities, living in the shadow of your famous parent(s) is something that can be difficult or it can actually help that child out. For the most part almost every child of a celebrity has to work harder to prove themselves as their own person if they are trying to make it on their own without using their parents name to get what they want. However, there are some that can not only make it on their own without the help of the parents but they also can do it with talent that proves that they would be famous even without being the child of a celebrity. In the case of Rachel Ann Weiss, this singer is talented enough that she will make a name for herself in the music industry all on her own. Her new EP, "Dark is Coming" provides 3 songs where she shines with a beautiful voice that's strong and sexy while having a range that many singers wish they could be able to do.
Amazingly with only 3 songs on this EP to listen to, Rachel Ann Weiss is able to give a sample of different styles in each of the songs. With the first track, "Always Too Something", she opens up with a jazz song that sounds like it should be from the past instead of a modern day song. Her vocals have a deeper sound to it but still remains a sexy female voice that is strong. For someone that is just starting in the music industry, I would never had guessed it from listening to her voice. To say she is talented is like saying the sky is blue, it's one of those questions that just answers itself instantly and everyone knows that answer. Even if you don't like jazz, or a spirited lounge style song with sexy and sultry vocals, you can't say she is not talented.
I listened to these 3 songs a bunch of times and with each time I listened I was more impressed with how good the vocals are. Her voice is rich, it's sexy, it's smooth, it's strong, there's so many terms that I could use to describe how good she is but simply put this girl can sing. Having only 3 songs to write a review on is never an easy task. How can I get a full grasp and understanding of what the songs are when there barely is enough to listen to. In 3 songs the singer can put out the best of a full album while the other songs might not sound as good or we could be missing out on 9 or more songs that are just as good as the first 3. I'm betting in the case of Rachel Ann Weiss it's that I'm missing out on songs that just get better with each one that's played. There's no mistaking the talent this girl has and that she will be going far in the music world and I really look forward to hearing more songs from her.
Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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