Redemption Road

Redemption Road

In Theatres: 
Aug 26, 2011
Running Time: 
90 minutes

We all have our secrets, our own sorrows that we bottle up deep down inside us. For blues musician Jefferson Bailey (Morgan Simpson), his lingering father issues have haunted him since he was a child and kept him from performing in front of people, despite his talent. One day while drinking at the bar he meets Augy (Michael Clarke Duncan), a faith following country boy who says his grandfather has died and left him something. By way of some unusual circumstances, the two travel back to Bailey’s hometown to confront the past.

Redemption Road is all about the spirit of music and the power of forgiveness. Jefferson Bailey is not what you would call a class-act. He’s more closely related to your typical drunk who’s more inclined to have a few beers than do anything noteworthy. Then there’s Augy who’s the complete opposite. As the two travel together you see a dramatic shift in the way each of them thinks and acts. The character development and progression throughout the film is some of the best you’ll see this year.

Both Michael Clarke Duncan and Morgan Simpson do phenomenal jobs portraying their individual characters. It really feels like you’re in the backseat of the truck with them the whole time. Every preaching speech Duncan gives to Simpson, he also gives to you. Every drunken misstep Bailey takes, you feel his agony.

You’re always wondering what’s at the end of the road for both of them as well. Little clues and hints are scattered throughout the film and as you go along you begin to see the bigger picture. Even when you think you realize what’s truly going on, it manages to throw in at least one more twist and turn for good measure.

Redemption Road contains a heartfelt message wrapped in a good story with some good music on the side. Even if you’re not a fan of blues or country music, it’s something that can be appreciated. With a fantastic cast and a strong presence, this is definitely a must-see movie of the summer.

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