Ricochet (PREVIEW)

Continuing with their Original Movies From Best Sellers Mystery Movie Night on TNT, the next adaptation is of Sandra Brown’s Ricochet. Ricochet is the story of a widowed cop who finds himself intertwined in a world of crime and betrayal in high society when a judges wife shoots and kills a man who broke into their home, but was it a burglary and is the judges wife an innocent victim or a cold blooded killer? Stars Julie Benz (Dexter), John Corbett (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), Kelly Overton (All My Children), Gary Grubbs (Ray), and Gary Cole (Office Space).

Without beating around the bush lets just go right into the negatives starting with the fact that John Corbett is terrible in this film. His monotone voice no matter what emotion it is attempting to portray nor tone is simply dead on its feet. Corbett basically phones this role in without so much as shedding a  tear or furrowing his eyebrows in anger. Terrible. That being said it can’t help that he’s the core element in the story and the story itself, well, I couldn’t really recall a moment in it that I felt invested.

Julie Benz plays the judges wife, the judge that Corbett’s character has a hate/hate relationship with. Did she kill a man in cold blood in her home or was it really the result of a botched burglary? Is the judge in on it? Are there outside forces at work setting things up? The execution of story here is just strewn across its run time with characters popping in and out sporadically, suggestions coming at you by the dozens, and character build up that wobbles about. Relationship issues, character dilemmas, revelations. Its everything any film should have if it wants to be great but its all just to much at one time that your never really given the opportunity to feel one way or another about a character or characters and weather or not their situation calls for sympathy, suspicion, or even your undivided attention. I spent most of the film trying to stay focused on the story as it unraveled but found myself wandering out of boredom and lack of interest. Sadly Julie Benz and Kelly Overton give it their all but a lack of great acting and a confusing muddled story make for less then thrilling entertainment. As always final judgment is yours. Enjoy.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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