Rush: 2112/Moving Pictures (Blu-Ray)

Rush: 2112/Moving Pictures

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Running Time: 
112 minutes
Special Features

Contains over 54 minutes of additional interviews and exclusive footage, plus a non-drum solo by Neil Pert.

Rush, the band has been playing since the 70’s and has been popular from then till now. Their music is done with a style that stands out from most any other band out there through any age. With a high strong voice of Geddy Lee to the amazing drum solos of Neil Pert, Rush proves that they are a band that knows how to really make a great song. But just in case if you want to hear it from the band itself and how they feel about their songs and their life with each other and the band then the Blu-Ray Rush 2112/Moving Pictures is what you need to watch.

This Blu-Ray is not a concert, though this is one of the rare times that I would have liked this to be the concert it’s a documentary of the band. Before this might turn off some of you that just want to listen to the songs I’ll let you know that you have that in the special features. Now as for the documentary side of the Blu-Ray, the main portion of it, it’s the band members, some other musicians, and other people talking about how Rush went from starting out to their feelings about some of what critics where saying about their music.

I really enjoyed watching this and though it’s not a in depth history lesson on the band and I didn’t all of a sudden become a fan with the most knowledge of the band, I did get to learn some things about them and the songs. This documentary tells what kind of music, books, and other media that influences the band and even how they where influencing other bands with their music. What I liked the most about this Blu-Ray documentary is not that it’s about Rush, which I do really like the band, it’s because it’s the members of the band that’s talking through out the whole thing. A lot times I’ve seen documentaries that either only show the members a little through out the film or not at all. For me if any member of the band is still alive then they are the ones that should do the most talking about the band, any other way it just becomes people talking about a band that they like, I can get that by me talking to my friends.

Now, if the hour of the main documentary is not enough for you, and it wasn’t for me, the special features will fill your plate up. Here is yet another hour worth of the band talking about their songs, even better is that Rush plays some of the songs but there’s even a good drum solo, oh wait it’s just Neil Pert warming up but still it’s Neil Pert playing a solo. Last thing I want to mention is that the picture quality on this is amazing. If I had surround sound it would have felt like I was there in the studio while this was getting filmed. The sound quality is just as good though. I only had the volume at half when I started but when I got to the special features and was listening to them play the songs and especially the drum solo I had the volume turned up loud and there was no distortion at all in it. This was a very fun and somewhat informative documentary for me. 

Lee Roberts
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