On DVD: 
Tuesday, October 5, 2004
Running Time: 
92 Minutes

Mary has it all. She has a nice Christian boyfriend, attends a good Christian school and has sweet Christian friends. But all that is about to change when she receives a “message” from Jesus and takes a radical step to help her boyfriend. When he is sent away Mary finds herself out-casted from her friends, and her school full of hypocrisy. She struggles to find her way with help from some odd new friends.

I was sent to Christian school for a short time in high school and this movie does little exaggerating. Some may feel that this movie is one cramming Christian beliefs down your throat, or two bashing Christians. I personally felt this movie is about how difficult it is growing up, and the ridiculous pressures outside influences put on you. The acting was decent (at times a little too dramatic), and parts of the movie were hilarious (especially if you’ve known people like this). The bonus features are decent with deleted scenes, bloopers, and behind the scenes. However if you are touchy about your beliefs or do not like hearing about Jesus go ahead and skip this one because that is what the whole movie deals with.

Review by Pandora
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