Shakugan No Shana: The Movie (BLU-RAY)

Shakugan No Shana: The Movie

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Running Time: 
90 minutes

Shakugan No Shana started off with an interesting concept. There are forces unseen that feed on human energy, killing said humans. In order to stop the world from going out of balance Flame Hazes are dispatched to kill off the threats and put in place Flames, the remnants of humans now dead to fill in for the deceased. Flames have all the deceased’s memories and quirks but does not know it’s actually a flame.

During a routine kill, Flame Haze, later named Shana, comes across a special Flame named Yuji who is a special sort of Flame, one that carries within it a treasure that the dark side craves. Seeing that Yuji is so special Shana decides to place herself into Yuji’s life using the essence of one of his friends who was a former Flame that had passed on. Posing as the Flame she goes to school with, lives with, and follows Yuji’s every move, waiting for the Denizen’s to come back to claim the treasure found within him, and stop them. Only, she had no idea this less then ordinary Flame would have such a huge impact on her life.

Unfortunately as the show went on I found it taxing and repetitiously, especially when held in contrast with other anime shows that boast the same kind of plot line and or plot progression devices. There are some Gems from season one to the end of season two, but getting there was a chore and not always fruitful. So how would a Shana film fair I wondered.

Shana the Movie is like a cross between Dragon Ball Z Kai and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. It’s a retelling of season one of Shakugan No Shana minus the fat, but also features new scenes that were added in to provide information from the light novels that was not present in the shows first outing. So, yes, you’re getting a recap of the first season but also getting a more faithful adaptation of the series from it’s source material.

Sadly after having seen seasons one and two the movie seems very rushed. Though I didn’t really care for the series as a whole, I thought this shortened revised version felt like it was abandoning a lot of detail and moving forward at to fast a speed. Revelations that come later in the series pop up in the first twenty minutes of the show then get washed over by other arcs that need to be shown to progress the film along. Again, I blame the fact that I watched the first two seasons already and felt as if this was a double chore going though it again, but it did end up being a bit better.

Shana the Movie is taken from the same HD source material that makes up the Blu-ray so you’ll find the same hard to swallow production that makes up the first season. It felt like the new scenes that were added into the series were a bit more ramped up bringing a better quality picture to the whole but it still had its recurring issues leaving it just a step higher on the rankings then before.

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