Shark Tank: Season 6 (PREVIEW)

Shark Tank

Episode 1 Season 6
Regular Air Date: 
Fridays @ 8PM ET
Air Date: 
Friday, September 26, 2014

If you see the title and don't know about the show at this point, Shark Tank has nothing to do with the fish but the hosts of the show can be just a vicious as those pointy teeth swimmers. They are rich, they are business smart, their even savvy, and could be considered famous but what they are not are push overs. If you have a idea for a product or business or maybe you already have one but you need some extra money to go from small town/online company to becoming a multi-million dollar corporation, the sharks will be the people you talk to. They listen your ideas, consider what your pitch is, then they will decide if they will give you money or pass on the idea. However, if you don't come prepared or your idea isn't as good as you think, these people will not only bare their teeth but they will take a bite out of your ego.

I've seen the show Shark Tank before, not many times, I could count the amount of times on one hand, and even when I did it wasn't for a full episode. It's a simple premis for a show, people have ideas that they think will make them money, some already have those ideas working for them where they actually do make some money, but now they want to expand and need more money. The hosts of the show are rich buisness people who will invest some of their money into a product that they think could make them some money. In the process though, they will make deals with the people who come to them for money where they get their money back and a percentage of the company and/or profit. These are buisness people who know how to make money by using their money so they only want the best ideas possible.

This show is set up like every other reality based show out there. They have the hosts that seem to be likable but at the same time make you not like them. Then there's the guests who come on with their sad stories, and no I'm not be callous, they are actually sad stories like the wife of a husband/wife buisness that lost a baby, it's a sad story, it draws on the viewers heart and makes them have a connection to the guests, and then they have the bickering begin. There's always a build up leading to the commercial breaks where right before the shows breaks for the commercial, someone says or does something that's supposed to be shocking and a cliffhanger. There were a few times that I was interested in seeing how it played out but for the most part I was just mildly involved with the show.

Here's the deal on why I don't like the show. It's the same with every episode. To make it worse, it's always the same thing in every episode for every episode. I know that it's hard to make a show be different when all the show is about is having people pitch an idea then have other people listen, then give a response. Not much can really be done, but that don't make me think I should like the show more just because they can't do anything with it that would be different. Someone or a group gives their pitch for their product/business and the hosts listen. Then they say they like it and give money, they say they like it but won't give money, they say they don't like it and give no money, or they outright hate the idea so much they put it down, horribly. Which is another turn off for me. I understand that if someone don't like something they won't put their money in it for a buisness, but does that mean that they have to be mean and rude about how they explain they don't like it? Sure, most people watching like seeing them get all riled up and putting down people, but I don't, I found it neither appealing or entertaining. Seeing the different ideas being pitched was the only interesting part of the show but it's not enough for me to actually get me to want to watch this show.

Lee Roberts
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