Sky High

Sky High

On DVD: 
Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Running Time: 
100 Minutes

Will Stronghold is a normal teenager facing love problems, homework, etc. except for the fact that his parents are Commander and Jetstream two of the biggest superheroes out there. This gives Will Stronghold a huge reputation to live up to when he starts attending Sky High (a school made for children of super heroes). Will however has no super powers and is given the role of sidekick; but when he gets in a fight at school his powers are revealed. And he will need them if he and his friends though if he is going to rescue his parents from Royal Pain.

I really enjoyed this movie and I know had this come out when I was younger I would have watched everyday. I think the concept is interesting and since it is about being in high school it focuses on the challenges of growing up with the added problem of super powers. There can be some comparisons made to the Incredibles; but really besides it being a superhero family this is a different story. There is some action along with comedy and I loved the fact Bruce Campbell was in it. Not only did I find the movie to have its charm I also liked the bonus features. There is a blooper reel that is kind of funny, an alternate opening which I thought they should have used as it gives a little more background on Royal Pain, “I Melt With You” video by Bowling For Soup, and a making of that takes you around with some of the cast. Another interesting feature is a look at the stunts and the fact that many were done by the young actors. One interesting choice that was made is the whole soundtrack is remakes of ‘80’s songs which might have a younger crowd scratching their heads; but parents might get a kick out of it. This is a pretty good family film the only problem is that some of the crowd that enjoys it are at the stage where they don’t want to watch movies with the family.

Review by Pandora
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